Kubota Photo Design


I have a passion for teaching and am dedicated to empowering other photographers. I have helped to provide thousands of digital photographers the critical skills necessary to make professional digital photography beautiful, profitable and fun! I have been a Nikon sponsored speaker at major national conventions and conduct workshops worldwide. I regularly speak at industry trade shows and conventions to share my love of photography and teaching.

My flagship workshop, Digital Photography Bootcamp® won Professional Photographer of America's HotOne Award in 2009 as the best educational workshop in the industry. My team and I have conducted this workshop 22 times over the last 11 years. We work hard to keep it fresh, innovative, and cutting edge every time.

Along with my wife, Clare, I also lead workshops in Italy to re-inspire myself and other photographers with the beauty and richness of the landscape and culture. With native Italian guides to lead us to scenic spots off the beaten path, this Secret Italy workshop offers a regular infusion to my creativity that translates into all of my photographic art.

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